Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dangerous Bubble Blower Goes To Jail; Fat Rove Still Free

This Toronto police man luckily acted quick in this instance to stop the Al-Qaeda terror. This member of the new blond Al-Qaeda wing was utilizing a new terrorist weapon against the police. Bubbles. As the policeman correctly points out, these weren't just ordinary bubbles, but ones containing detergent. "That's a detergent! Put it away!" We must quickly get rid of all the Tide off the shelves. Al-Qaeda might use it against the free people of the world. Imagine if the Al-Qaeda Jihadi Terror Monkeys get a hold of some of these bubbles? Perhaps the bubbles could be used in combination with Kung Fu as one newscaster already pointed out.


  1. dear george, your ironic and contrarian investigations of the prevailing absurdities, grotesque anomalies and outright idiocy of our "contemporary farce" has reached even greater heights of incomprehensibility in this Kafkaean encounter between the macho hyper testosterone of the Negroid NWO drone and the silly pasty faced white anemic hippy child blowing bubbles in his direction. This is really the theater of the absurd which Genet, Alfred Jarry, Rimbaud and a host of other French symbolist poets could only have imagined in their deepest absinthe induced stupors. The bloated, bloating and bulbous Rove is only the capstone on this truly astounding foray into the farcical, idiotic, insane realms of the present nightmare of our social identity. We bow in the general direction Of Goats and Men.

  2. it's pretty hilarious, if you listen carefully he actually says something like "the bubble could get in a policeman's eye that is detergent.." lol.
    yes, theater of the absurd. i don't really know my theater, but Beckett perhaps?
    i've often wondered at the reaction of young protestors to try and make friends, or get all hippy with the police. it seems a kind of pathetic gesture especially when that only enrages them more, and they usually respond with billy clubs in their robocop storm tropper gear. anyway there is a strange kind of delusional character about the youth. they live in a land of sit-coms. so even protesting starts to seem like an uncomfortable episode of "Friends." On the other hand it is a thousand times even more absurd that the police officer feels threatened by a young girl blowing bubbles. if there was any justice the macho police guy should be throwing rove in the paddy wagon. imagine how much a better world we might have if that was the new reality?