Monday, July 19, 2010

Message To The Scum

Some readers of this blog may ask why do I use the word "scum" for the corporate establishment of our country?

I consider them "scum" because like any other kind of scum they destroy everything they touch. Here is a list of what they have destroyed, a partial list as I certainly am leaving some things out.

1. The Economy, that's obvious. It will get much worse before it gets much better.
2. Civilians all over the world. They have killed millions through illegal wars and support of dictators.
3. Freedom. They have butchered our rights under the Patriot Act and a continued barrage of police state legislation.
4. Truth. They deceive and manipulate as a rule. This is their method. 9/11, WMDs, media control, rigged elections, election promises, etc....
5. Culture. They are killing culture by making everything corporate and dumb and useful only as a lowest common denominator marketing device or as brainwashing of the public.
6. Rock And Roll. This is a personal one for me. They have literally taken the balls out of rock and roll on purpose and reduced it to commercial pop and singer songwriter musak.
7. Lifestyle. Their increased regulation of human life creates a world where you need a security password to order a pizza, or where entering a pub without a photo ID can be impossible even for a 40 year old.
8. Travel. Traveling is becoming more and more difficult as time goes on through constant screening, rules and interrogations.
9. The Environment. Just go for a nice oily swim in the Gulf, courtesy of Iran war preparations.
10. Food & Health. Massively over priced health care in the U.S. Dangerous Vaccine Scams. Genetically Modified Foods.

This is a quickly made list, but it gives anyone an idea why I think the term "scum" is appropriate.


  1. I am really coming to appreciate your personal and heartfelt outrage as expressed in your "editorial" opinions here. This latest outpouring is particularly sobering and noteworthy. Your list puts me in a very reflective frame of mind and I feel humbled as I inevitably do by the unmistakable ring of truth. Scum indeed. An almost generous assessment given the trail of misery and woe, the leavings of which they have left our world littered with. One would have to enter into metaphysical realms to adequately depict the "horror" as Colonel Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now" so inimitably expresses it. I think we are dealing with no one less than the Evil One himself and his human minions. "Our battle is not against human forces but against the principalities and powers, the rulers of this world of darkness, the evil spirits in the regions above. You must put on the armor of God if you are to resist on the evil day; do all that your duty requires and hold your ground". Ephesians 6/11-14. It's an honor to know our good friend at Goats and Men.

  2. there has been an ongoing struggle against repression/oppression since the beginning of time. it's my view that when one even just looks back to the 90s, as many problems as there were then, today seems far worse on all levels. it almost feels like a generationally negative move. like we suddenly harvested a very corrupt generation of leaders/movers/shapers with myriad evil plans hatched in their heads.

  3. Scum: a thin layer of impurities that rises to the top and smothers the good stuff.

    Hey yardfarmer, are you from Cincy?

    In my lifetime I've seen the screws tighten - Reagan & Moral Majority & Iran/Contra & a lot of "revolving door" moves between government & corporate, Poppa Bush with his aristo-spook ways, Clinton's body count & Weaver & Waco & OKC, Bush2's electoral monkey business & 9/11 with the massive Patriot Act (who wrote it, and when?) rammed down our throats... All the while, increased corporatization, maipulation of a supposedly free market, our own personal wealth co-opted by Wall Street in the form of 401k & pensions. That last one was potent. I wrote a poem when P&G outsourced me & others about a decade ago which included the phrase "Wall Stree versus Main Street." All decisions are made for the benefit of the shareholders and we are suckered in to think that we actually matter because we own a few shares of stock. Now, I have never seen "The Middle Class" in such a precarious position. This may be the end. Hence, my own blog
    That Crashing Sound is the collapse of the American middle class. Or maybe it's just me.

  4. well put. I keep thinking of names for these people. My first was "fakians" since everything they do comes out of their gloating love of the power of deception. all they create is fake, cheap and the perfect antithesis to "truth." but at the moment simply calling them scum seems more satisfying.

  5. Right on George. I agree with you whole heartedly brother especially about the Rock and Roll. Some say we need to destroy the Cabal to free ourselves, others say we need to free ourselves spiritually and not comply with the scum, step out of their reality. Easier said than done.Personally I like Benjamin Fullford's whacky idea of 1000 Ninjas descending upon those who control the Earth. Totally unrealistic, there's always some of the cancer that's missed. It's nice to daydream though.