Friday, July 30, 2010

Is Obama A Marxist?

An extensive and thoughtful article by Kurt Nimmo tries to delineate Obama from the Marxist pigeonhole given to him by some, for lack of a better name, right-wingers. Look at the issues which Obama stands for, not his words but his actions, and you will see his actions support the Federal Reserve, Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street powers. Is that Marxism? If it is then I guess the potential republican presidential candidates for 2012, Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush or Petreaus are also Marxists? I doubt Obama will last more then his 4 years and after that there will most likely be a puppet this time from the right wing of the establishment, with slightly differently styled propaganda, but supporting the very same corporate interests. The real issue is not Marxism, as Kurt Nimmo states, but the corruption of our government by a corporate, banker and military-industrial power elite. Otherwise we are chasing shadows.

For a related article from Ron Paul on the issue check out Obama's Policies Aren't Socialist, They're Worse.

There are some who might stick to using the label Socialism, such as Jim Rogers, but they characterize it as "Socialism for the rich" as you can watch here. In any case, one can argue about which labels one wishes to use. In the end one must however have a broad vision of where the problems are truly coming from and try to use labels which direct us to the heart of the problem, rather then directing us back into antiquated cold war rhetoric which may serve only to further confuse.

From Prison Planet

Kurt Nimmo
July 30, 2010

Glenn Beck, the Fox News talking heads, and no shortage of Tea Party activists like to characterize Barry Obama as a Marxist....

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