Friday, July 16, 2010

Hear the Sound Of The Guns Of Wall Street

As pointed out in a previous post, big Wall Street banks have admitted they launder money for mexican drug cartels. This article also contends that the cartels get their weapons from the U.S. The CIA has a long history of working with the drug cartels, see here and here. Not hard to wonder then, that the FEDs aren't doing more to stop the little Falluja battlefield that has opened up on the Mexican U.S. border. Police say counties near Phoenix are no longer under their control. If you are wondering why the FEDs and Wall Street are in cahoots with the cartels, part of the answer is simply money for Wall Street, lots of it, and also undocumented money which can be used for covert operations for the so-called intelligence community.

Have a listen to the guns of Wall Street on the U.S. Mexican border:

Read more on Infowars.

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