Monday, July 19, 2010

The American Stasi/Top Secret America

From Washington Post

2,000 Companies, 850,000 Americans with top secret clearance, a "fourth branch" of government....

Go back to Lady Gaga, Baseball and your favorite deserve to live in a repressive police state.


  1. absolutely mind-boggling, mind numbing article only in its first installment! the infernal bureaucratic complexity puts one in mind of Franz Kafka's great work "The Castle". btw, you are really on quite a roll here. are you sure you don't need some analysts, extra data bases and hard drives to process this torrent of information that you are unleashing? OGAM is smokin'!

  2. analysts? what is there to analyze about the blatant in your face setting up of a military police state? no, a supercomputer isn't needed for these computations. even a moron should be alarmed.

    you are absolutely right that this is Kafkaesque, but then so is the way we live increasingly becoming just that. i might have to turn to fiction though, all this non-fiction is depressing.

    thanks for the support!