Thursday, December 9, 2010

And Voices Rise Up In Defense Of Freedom.

Sides are being chosen. Swords being drawn.

From ABC News.

Wilkie scathing of PM's response to WikiLeaks

Former whistleblower and independent MP Andrew Wilkie has issued a scathing attack against the Prime Minister's handling of the WikiLeaks affair.

Mr Wilkie says Julia Gillard is showing contempt for the rule of law by failing to give Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange the presumption of innocence.

Mr Assange was arrested by British police on Tuesday in response to a Swedish warrant on alleged sex crimes and faces possible extradition.

"I believe the Prime Minister is showing a contempt for the rule of law - the way she has ruled out the presumption of innocence and instead there seems to be a presumption of guilt when it comes to Mr Assange," Mr Wilkie said.

"That's not how we do things in Australia and she should know better.

"And as a lawyer, she should know she's potentially compromised any legal proceedings that might be brought against Mr Assange if in fact he makes it to the US.

"I believe also she's shown a complete contempt for Australia's sovereignty - the way she has defaulted to the interests of the US, instinctively it seems, rather than the interests of an Australian citizen."

Mr Wilkie says he is disgusted by Ms Gillard's response and her disregard for free speech.

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