Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Racial Factions in Prisons Unite for Large Protest Against Inhumane Conditions; Actions Coordinated via Contraband Mobile Phones

From Cryptogon and Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“The Department’s mission of maintaining safe and secure facilities is non-negotiable and will not be jeopardized,” corrections commissioner Brian Owens said in a written statement Monday afternoon. “The Department will ensure appropriate safety measures are in place before the lockdown is lifted."

Brown, part of the newly formed Concerned Coalition to Respect Prisoners’ Rights, said inmates at Augusta State Prison were “brutally ripped from their cells … and beaten, resulting in broken ribs, one man beaten beyond recognition.”

She said officers assigned to the riot squad at Telfair State Prison had “roughed up prisoners and destroyed all their property. At Macon and Hays State Prisons, tactical squads have menaced the men for days, removing some to the ‘hole,’ the wardens ordering heat and hot water turned off. Tear gas has been used to force men out of their cells at various prisons, while guards patrol grounds with assault rifles.”

...According to Brown, the inmates are protesting the lack of fruits and vegetables in their meals, no pay for their work, poor living conditions and parole decisions.

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