Thursday, December 9, 2010

Australian Government Makes Up Some Laws To Kill Free Speech And Protect Their Putrid Asses

Now you can see what scum these people really are. It's all out in the open.


THE Federal Government has elaborated on its position on WikiLeaks, saying both the initial leaking of classified documents and their subsequent distribution by the controversial website is likely to be illegal.
"The unauthorised obtaining of the information may well be an offence,'' Attorney-General Robert McClelland said today.

"The distribution of that information I would think would have a solid argument, again without knowing the United States law, would be an offence.

"Certainly to release that sort of information by an officer of the commonwealth, if it were Australian material, would in my view certainly involve criminality.''

Mr McClelland was speaking in Sydney after launching a new guide for businesses entitled The Insider Threat to Business - A Personnel Security Handbook.

"It is clearly topical,'' Mr McClelland said.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard was on Monday unable to name any Australian laws broken by WikiLeaks or its founder Julian Assange, but claimed the ``foundation stone of it is an illegal act''.

There has been anger throughout the community that the Australian Government appeared to be pre-judging Mr Assange and the activities of WikiLeaks without any charge or trial.

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