Friday, December 24, 2010

Ho Ho Ho...Merry Patsy, Merry Merry Patsy....

Yes it is tiring, the endless barrage of fake terror FBI entrapped dupes...All so Joe Shmoe will think our excessive military and security boondoggles and expenditures and destructive wars are worth it to "keep America safe."

From 9/11 Blogger.

Alternet: Why Are the Feds Cultivating Their Own "Homegrown Terrorists"?

The FBI caught another homegrown terrorist this week, except like many recent plots the agency has “uncovered,” the attack was a plant, a plan concocted by the FBI itself. It’s the latest in a growing number of terrorism plots that the FBI stirs up by infiltrating communities and helping to devise attack plans. The practice raises serious questions about the government’s implementation of it’s ongoing war on terror.

The recent case involves 21-year-old from Baltimore named Antonio Martinez, who’d reportedly converted to Islam, changed his name to Muhammad Hussain and planned to blow up a bomb outside a military recruitment center in Baltimore. None of the plot, however, existed before the FBI instigated it and Martinez had no contact with any real terrorist organization...

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