Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks SVT Documentary

You get an idea of the kind of evil we are dealing with half way through this video when the Apache helicopter video is discussed. Make no mistake about it, the kinds of things we are dealing with here touch on the purest evil there is in our world. Wikileaks may not be perfect, yet they are playing an incredible role in the information battle of today. It is a battle that will ultimately decide whether the future is that of endless war, brutality, and police state oppression, or a future where the West regains its principles and reforms the present corruption.

I find it strange that with so little proof many in the alternative news world are still calling Assange a Soros patsy, or part of a plan to shut down the internet. Such infighting is a sad statement for the alternative news world. It seems to me that Wikileaks represents an historical resistance against the manipulative powers ruling our world from the shadows.


  1. there really is quite a bit of proof in the alternative media concerning Assange's links with not only Soros but the CIA as well, and i think that such a seasoned and professional researcher such as yourself whom i greatly respect could ascertain that. even my casual attention to these matters has revealed such. i think you might be giving Wiki and Assange somewhat of a pass. btw i think you can stop worrying about whether the West will "regain its principles and reform the present corruption" lol. the video was quite informative. thanks.

  2. ok yard ill have another look. i just havent found anything that damning. why would the cia want something like assange? in that case they have given him a platform. its a bit of a stretch for me as i think internet censorship is in the works anyway and if they blame it on wikileaks or prison planet or whatever it doesnt in my mind make these people patsies. there needs to be more conclusive proof in this case. if i am giving assange a pass, its because when i hear him speak he seems authentic to me and not like the wierdo that some see.

  3. George, one of the best sites for reading up on those views which question 'just who' is Assange and 'what' is WikiLeaks, is Veterans Today with Gordon Duff.

    With all the misinformation and disinformation campaigns and wars being waged against those of us who are honest (and meek), it is a definite challenge figuring things out. It does pay to look at things quite critically, and from various other viewpoints, ie., with healthy skepticism and even, ready suspicion. In this world, because of the widespread evil that you describe, money is BIGGEST motivator among the so-called 'charmed ones', the celebrities and world politicians, the mass media, the elite.

    Great job you're doing with this site, love it!

  4. ill have a look at that link. thank you.

  5. "In turn, we must ensure that the campaign against Wikileaks in the U.S., using the 1917 Espionage Act, will not be utilized as a means to wage a campaign to control the internet."

    Foremost among other issues presented, like integrating with the mainstream media...