Monday, December 13, 2010

Ray Mcgovern Defends Julian Assange.

You might want to skip the first three minutes of this CNN report unless you are interested in the construction of propaganda. CNN talks about Assange as being like Bonnie and Clyde, eventhough Wikileaks has killed no one, and hasn't even committed a crime.

After three minutes Ray Mcgovern gives an excellent defense of Wikileaks and Assange, as well as rebuking CNN for not seeing him as a role model.

I find a certain empty-headedness in the thinking of the CNN reporter which is kind of sad. It's as if the younger generation of Americans are truly mind controlled and hardly can understand how manipulated their thoughts are. The idea that Assange is a terrorist is ludicrous, yet the well-meaning corporate rising star has no idea his thoughts are mindless dribble. Nothing good will come of such ignorance. It's as if someone sucked all the brains out of America over the last ten years.

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