Saturday, December 18, 2010

Could WikiLeaks Kill Bank Of America Before The New Year? (BAC)

From Benzinga.

By Roger Nachman
Benzinga Staff Writer
December 17, 2010 11:06 AM

WikiLeaks co-editor Julian Assange was released from jail yesterday in Britain on bail and recently spoke to an NBC News affiliate regarding the information that he has on banks.
Assange said he and WikiLeaks has been attacked by banks, moreso than the U.S. government, and those attacks have come from Dubai, Switzerland, and America.
This leads to speculation, that if Assange is naming banks as a primary, if not the primary group that's attacking WikiLeaks, could he in fact release the bank documents that he claims to have even earlier than initially suggested?
If this happens, it could potentially take down the banking system, as Assange said the info he has could take down "a bank or two." Well, Julian, if you take down one or two banks, you very well could take them all down, and considering what we just went through and are still feeling the effects of, maybe it isn't the best idea to do that.
Some information is best left off not being known for sometime, despite your personal vendetta against the companies.

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