Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poison Feelers Sent Out In Media; Christmas Attack And Nuclear Terror In Next Several Years In US City

As you can probably imagine, I don't really like Newsmax. However somehow I've ended up on their mailing list. And I found this in my emails today:

Full on warnings about imminent Christmas terror attacks, and eventually even nuclear ones. There was talk like this during last summer. In the fall however the chatter went away. Now it's back again. I honestly don't believe it is a good time to live in either New York, Washington or LA.

Here is how Newsmax presented one of their articles, the one on "Nuclear D-Day."

Of course there has been talk like this for decades, but now it has become talk not of a possible calamity, but of an inevitable one.

The article in Newsmax describes the situation so:

A Hiroshima-sized nuclear device smuggled into the U.S. inside a cargo container detonates in California's Port of Long Beach, killing 60,000 people instantaneously, exposing another 150,000 to deadly radiation, touching off massive fires and forcing the evacuation of 6 million panicked people in the Los Angeles basin.

Could it happen?

Top experts say it not only could happen, it is "more likely than not" to occur within the next several years.

Last month the Obama administration admitted that al-Qaida is frantically trying to acquire a nuclear device.

Unless you like the idea of waking up one day to a flash of light, a rumble and a big mushroom cloud, this is information that causes some concern.

No doubt nuclear terror, as other forms of terror, will be used to enact more stringent controls over the population, a complete loss of liberty and who knows what other evils, even if you are far away from the blast.

No doubt the blame will be put on the seemingly mythical "Al-Qaeda"...whatever that is.

Newsmax in their article entitled US Prepares, Says Nuclear Attack 'Survivable', quotes Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency:

"We have to get past the mental block that says it’s too terrible to think about,” W. Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, told the Times. “We have to be ready to deal with it” and help people learn how to “best protect themselves.”

With talk like this, if you think like me, you see this as a media preparation for an inevitability. A certainty, because perhaps somewhere along the chain of command is some group with very devious and devilish minds indeed. I doubt very much that they are either Arabs or in some cave under Afghanistan or Pakistan. I imagine the plan, if it is being hatched, is being hatched by men who wear suits and speak perfect english. At first there is just chatter in the media as the octopus, the squid lurking extends it's poison feelers, preparing its victim for the attack.

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