Monday, February 22, 2010

Malware In Use

I didn't want to mention it at first, as I thought it might just be me. But now I have come across someone else on another board who noticed it as well, so out with it.

If you do many searches on google investigating the case of Joe Stack and the Austin crash you will find yourself running in to malware and viruses set up along your path. Try googling "echelon building tenants austin" and you get something like this:

or sometimes like this:

If you click on some of the middle ones you get a virus or malware program of some sort which requires a bit of clicking to get rid of. It might look like this:

After which some program begins doing something. A few clicks and it's gone however.

Other times searching for similar Joe Stack and Austin crash or echelon related info I got a virus program that looked like this:

If you have also been having these problems, leave a comment. I have never had this particular problem before and so I took notice of it, especially after I found someone else complaining about it on another board doing 'Stack' research.

Any computer experts out there might have a better idea about it then I.


  1. Excellent presentation on removing malware | The PC Informant

  2. I found the same thing too. It's been going on awhile. I first noticed it right after the Ft. Hood shooting and again with the crotch bomber. My avast antivirus goes crazy on some of them with virus found and abort connection screens. Others are as you said, have to click out of them.

    I haven't seen it with any other searches besides those I mentioned so my question is why on the controversial issues, if that's what and all they're targeting, and who is actually doing it.

  3. somebody with computer skill should try to figure out where they are coming from....

  4. I started noticing this a while ago. When I use Google to search for my name, I get about fourty new results every week that are these webpages littered with search terms and malware javascript or flash objects.