Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Corporate/Establishment Manipulators Seek to Appropriate and Channel Anti-Establishment Movements into Neoconservative Designs

Whether you are an anti-war Obama 'change' voter, or a Ron Paul Revolution supporter, the establishment wants to channel your passions into their designs. They wish to de-fang any movement which is a threat to them, by incorporating its more gullible elements into accepting an establishment version which fits their fake left vs. right football game, while at the same time in reality changing nothing and supporting the status quo of establishment top down rule.

Read here about how Ron Paul sees his movement as being infiltrated by the neocons.

Read here or more recently here about how Obama supporters find themselves now in the company of neocons as well.

The neocons aren't gone. They still own the stage, the scene, the media, the talking points left and right, because they ARE the establishment's darlings, military, financial and corporate. There might be some distinctions to be made between establishment conservatives like (ex-Iran Contra) Defence Secretary Robert Gates, who some say isn't a neocon, and chickenhawks like Lieberman or Cheney. However, differences like these only represent slightly different shadings of the similar pro-war, pro-empire policies. In the end we are given a fictional choice between rabid pro-war hawks and slightly more cautious establishment brass from the pentagon or elsewhere. Is that a real choice?

Usually evil forces or empires in this world are not defeated outright, but rather during prolonged struggle defeat themselves. This might be the eventual end to the neocon plague as well, the financial ruin mentioned in the post below.

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