Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beyonce Does Fascist Corporate Propaganda for Grammy Show

Whatever the intentions of Beyonce might have been, this comes off as a revolting display of American corporate fascist asthetic. Pure evil. Absolutely fake. Cheap and without soul. A corporate attempt to celebrate thugs in body armor who are used against our own sleeping people when they actually attempt to protest, rare that might be. This is Nazi asthetic, done a la Hollywood. Will we have our own version of fascism, designed for a multicultural American population? Worshiping the power of the corporations and the state as opposed to the Nazi worship of race, folk and the state? I doubt it will ever get as far as it did with the Nazis but the corporate pigs are cheering. This is what they believe they have turned the music of rebellion, rock and roll, into, a virtually synthetic pile of artless propaganda candy.

The Nazis also had their marching entertainments:

I am not much into corporate singer songwriters, but read in this article what happens to you if you try to sing a song of rebellion today in America, you get beaten with a crowbar.

Before the attack she was doing videos like this. Again it's not my taste in music, but compared to Beyonce it seems like Bob Dylan.

The CIA actually went to Aimee Allen's record company Elektra Records and told them that they disapproved of the word "revolution." Her album was never released. Listen to an interview here.

Anyway here is what the CIA and the record industry corporate pigs seem to love. Men in body armor arresting reporters and beating up protesters. There will be alot more of this as the economy collapses into a pile of rubble and out of work people get fed up and head out on to the streets only to be met by the body armor thugs who are now impersonated by dancers prancing around on Grammy stages. This is not a Grammy performance, but real life, when a dumb downed population is trained to hate anti-war liberals and libertarians and love their corporate masters. The corporate machine is mean and ugly and coming to a town near you to protect its multinational soulless interests.

Why does this all exist? So we can do things like this for the corporations and power elite as well:

War Crimes - MyVideo

And we still don't really know who funded, operated and organized this:

Since even as Dick Cheney says Bin Laden had nothing to do with it:

But this IS the America of Cheney, Bush, Reagan, Rove, Rumsfeld, Lieberman, Kristol, Wolfowitz, Poderhetz, Prince and many many more.....

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