Friday, February 26, 2010

Embedded Tenants

According to this article in the Austin Business Journal, it is the 9430 Echelon Building which was hit by the small airplane in Austin.

If the IRS is the reason Stack crashed his plane into the building, why are there so many tech businesses at the Echelon Building (9430) which relate to his line of work? Remember his website was called and he was a software engineer working presumably with embedded systems.

LNB Technozant – computer software
Axxis Tehnology Marketing Inc. – tech company representative
Consystant Design – embedded software design
Apptelligence – electronics /computer software
Advanced Technical Resources - silicon valley technical staffing Company.
Panasonic Industrial Company - electronic components
Cyrusone - high performance computing
Austin Sensors - apparently they work on things like a Fast Pulse Electron Gun, and sounding rocket experiments at White Sands Missle Range. Not sure what this one is all about if it is even a company.
Dorado Software - once again a tech/software company, and again a Dell connection. "Dorado's customers represent the leaders in finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and a variety of industries around the world. In addition, thousands of satisfied companies such as Dell computers utilize Dorado Software via OEM relationships."
Phoenix Technology - embedded systems
Duet Technologies Inc. - "a leading provider of networking software..."
Coware Inc. - Electronic System Virtualization
Catalyst Consulting Group - "Catalyst has found synergy and success in combining the concepts of IT Services and Management Consulting. We employ only those engineers and technical professionals who can grasp the broader objectives of our clients and who appreciate the value of a controlled development process."
The Pinnacle Group - IT Hardware, Software, Networking Solutions and Services
And this isn't tech but I'll add it because of the interesting name:
JFK Home Movers

I would like to also add to this list the Echelon Corporation (Embedded Control Networks) but it might not be related and has no Research Blvd. address.

Who does however have a Research Blvd. address is the Binswanger Glass Company. Remember Robin De Haven, the hero with the ladder? That's his company. I don't remember him mentioning that his company had an address at the Echelon Building. It isn't on the Binswanger website either, but appears on the google list of addresses in the photo below.

At the 9420 Echelon address we also have :

Message One, Inc - A subsidiary of Dell Inc., "provides business continuity and disaster recovery solutions."

Fairchild Semiconductor - tech company, acquired Raytheon semiconductor division, history of military contracts

Enfinet Media Corporation - computers and internet electronics.

Travelogix - software development company

Echelon Holdings Ltd - What is this? According to Manta it is "a private company categorized under Non-Bank Holding Companies and located in Austin, TX. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $80,000 and employs a staff of approximately 2."

Two people (approx.) who make $40,000 each annually and have a building complex named after them?

and the FBI!

I was unable to find any information on the IRS at these addresses other then the news reports after the plane crash.

Maybe the reason so many tech and computer companies are located in the Echelon building complex has something to do with its history. According to the original tenant of the Echelon I building that recently went up in flames was none other then Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., a computer research consortium headed by Bobby Ray Inman, former Director of Naval Intelligence, former Director of the National Security Agency, former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and on the Board of Wackenhut and also SAIC, a corporation which seemed to foresee both the '93 WTC bombing and the anthrax mailings of 2001.

Still sure this is about the IRS?

See also: Joseph Andrew Stack Had 9/11, NSA, and Homeland Security Related Defense Contractor Clients



    Scientific Investigation & Instruction Institute

  2. yeah the asbestos guy...he was on the ground floor.

  3. The building you are talking about is the one behind the building that was damaged.

  4. i think thats true for many of the addresses mentioned perhaps, but its not clear, at least to me, which ones were in the exact building which was hit, and which weren't. the articles aren't very clear about it. there were IRS witnesses so i dont claim the IRS wasn't there. i still think the multitude of tech/computer companies there is an unusual coincidence however. maybe thats how stack found out about the IRS being there and chose to target the building. is it widely known in austin that the IRS is there? it seems that it isn't, i think the history of the building just makes for further wierd coincidences in the whole stack story.

  5. Have you seen the updated hangar ownership information? They have removed both Joseph's and John's name.

    They did that quick.

  6. well if that isn't an admission of guilt what is?