Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Threats of More Terror and War From Osama Bin Establishment

In Prison Planet today was a warning that the U.S. government itself is warning of more terror. Since the government and our intelligence agencies are usually tight and comfy with the terrorists, monitoring their every deadly move(read here, here, here, and here, and here, and here), they should know and we should probably expect something some time soon. Especially since those wonderful neoconservatives are again getting watery mouthed and excited about action against Iran (and they have waited a long time for THEIR world war to really begin).
Recently a neoconservative pundit suggested Obama save his presidency by attacking Iran. Of course a convenient terror attack in the U.S. to blame on Iran would help the Iran attack agenda along nicely.

Unfortunately the assertions of former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, that he was pressured to raise terror warnings to help George W. Bush's re-election, seem to ring true in such an environment.

One glimmer of hope are the reports that General Petraeus thinks attacking Iran would "have the unintended consequence of stirring nationalist sentiment," and of Defence Secretary Robert Gates who said an attack "would only delay Iran [from obtaining nuclear weapons]" That might hold off such nonesense from Kristol, Poderhetz, Pipes et al. Let us only hope. Kristol mentioned recently in December that an Obama speech laid "predicate for war with Iran."

Not that long ago a whole bunch of fake or neoconservatives were calling for a new 9/11 as heard here from Rumsfeld or here below on Fox.

And then we had Cheney warning of a high probablity for a U.S. city to be nuked under Obama's watch.

Remember when the neoconservatives were calling for a 'New Pearl Harbor' in the PNAC documents...they got it 4 years later. These guys seem to have had whatever it takes to deliver on their expectations, let's hope they still don't.

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