Tuesday, February 2, 2010

$215 Million More for Body Scanners

Prison Planet is reporting today of further millions being spent for airport body scanners.

Even as Obama himself and The New York TImes admits our debts are dangerously high, hundreds of millions will be poured out for new body scanners which probably wouldn't have caught the Detroit Bomber in any case. You can read about the scanner scam here in Mother Jones where it is also described how former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who has been making the interview rounds pushing for the scanners, also heads the Chertoff Group which represents one of the leading manufacturers of body scanners, Rapiscan.
Rapiscan (OSIS) shares were up 10% after the christmas bombing.

Also one must take into account the witness reports of Abdulmutallab actually being led through security by a sharp dressed man, as well as the claim by the U.S. State Department that it was engaged in an elaborate sting operation with Abdulmutallab, and made a specific request not to revoke his visa. If a terrorist has inside help, and our intelligence agencies want him to fly, no amount of body scanning will do anything to stop him, but will without a doubt further harass innocent travelers and invade our privacy as well as line the pocketbooks of Rapiscan and other security technology investors.

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