Friday, February 26, 2010

Bush Pick For Homeland Security Chief Gets Four Years In Jail

says it all...

here's an article on ABC.

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    Do a reverse seacrh on the contact number of Joseph Stack's contact number on his archived website.

    Joseph Stack's phone number is (512) 289-4679

    Or enter this in google map search

    30.2727 --97.7421

    The address which comes up is the Governors Mansion in Texas.


    The location for the official irs building(s) here;

    go to google maps, type in, irs, austin, texas. you get two locations.

    1. 3651 S I H 35, Austin, TX - (512) 443-1261
    2. 825 East Rundberg Lane, Austin, TX - (512) 499-5127

    the building that was hit, copy paste

    9430 Research Blvd # Iv180, Austin, TX

    (keller williams realty building, with fbi offices not irs building.)

    Clear as day on google satellite.