Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bonehead Problem. - An Editorial

One of the real problems today may simply be that many people, for whatever reason, have lost their common sense. There seems to be a mental thickness, an inability to rationally think through problems, and a constant temptation to accept boneheaded arguments, prevalent in the mindset of many in our country. It might be a generational problem. It might be a nutritional problem, or a cultural problem. I am not sure of the causes of this, but the evidences are all over. It might be that there were always those who accepted boneheaded arguments yet today these opinions are selected by the corporations and the 'robber class' as helpful and brought to the forefront, where in the past they would have been derided. The gullible WILL be mislead. There is a robber class, which will take advantage of people who have lost the ability to think properly. Take for example the ridiculous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that corporations should have "free speech" and thus be allowed to contribute at will to the political candidates whose positions they support. Corporations are NOT individuals, they do not represent human beings, but rather are profit making constructs of the law. Why is that so hard to understand?

In The New York Times today, in a letter to the editor, an assistant professor writes of how campaign finance reform previously created "a one way street where health insurance companies and big banks could not "talk back."" Are you kidding me? What are you taking? INSURANCE COMPANIES and BIG BANKS, the ones actually making our laws today and stealing from you, the uninformed masses, cannot talk back? What planet do you actually live on? He then goes on to write about how his students initially accepted this moronic interpretation before throwing it out in the end as they realized that corporations had many avenues to address their concerns.

The original statement which was eventually rejected is simply asinine, and it is troubling that anyone would even consider it for longer then 30 seconds. Corporations are not individuals with "rights." We do not need to concern ourselves with their corporate 'rights' and their protection. Corporations today take care of themselves, don't worry. Worry about yourself and how people who can barely come to logical conclusions will have any kind of future except at the whim of those who will exploit a dumbed down population into complete and total slavery.

I am reassured by polls which seem to show that most people are actually on the right side of this as in another letter a reader writes "A Harris Poll conduced last year found that 85 percent of adults, including 84 percent of Republicans, believed that 'big companies have too much power and influence in Washington.' Only 10 percent thought they had too little power and influence."

Those 10% however seem to be well represented indeed in the mainstream media and on the U.S. Supreme Court, where their wishes have been made into law.

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