Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jim Rogers: "UK Pound is on the Brink of Collapse"

Riding in the wake of the news of Buffet business partner Charlie Munger claiming that "it's basically over" for the United States economy, we now have billionaire Jim Rogers foreseeing a possible collapse of the UK pound in the near future. It looks to be an interesting year.

Update: He now claims he didn't quite say what was reported.


  1. Some astute messengers over at the link in the above article which now seems to have been taken down have pointed out that 1) Mr. Rogers made the same dire prediction in January 2009 regarding the imminent collapse of the UK Sterling and 2) that Mr. Rogers himself actually denied making the comments and disavowed the source which attributed those comments to him. Just a minor clarification.

  2. he has been predicting bad things for the UK economy and their currency for awhile it's true...doesn't mean it won't happen though. Could be they are all wrong but I post Rogers and Faber because they were right about the recent dollar rally, about the yen 6-8 months ago, gold, silver etc...more or less. i post economic info that seems interesting to me, it might not always be a 100% accurate prediction.