Monday, February 1, 2010


Apologies if this is old news to anyone, I just found it.

The office of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) was invaded by four young men disguised as phone repairmen who proceeded to try and tamper with the phones as another, Stan Dai, was arrested with a listening device in a car blocks from the office. Some details are in this article from the Veterans Today website.

According to Raw Story Stan Dai apparently "served as the Operations Officer of a Department of Defence irregular warfare fellowship program." He also was a speaker at the Central Intelligence Agency summer school program.
In 2004 he traveled to Isreal for two weeks on a trip sponsored by the Foundation for the Defence of the Democracies(FDD). I urge you to read the Raw Story article to find out the details. Another of the group was seeking a Master of Science degree from the Missouri State University's Defence and Strategic Studies program. One of them was Acorn 'Pimp' James O'keefe.

Maybe this reminds one more of the children spies in Orwell's 1984 then it does Watergate, but it is certainly not insignificant if our intelligence agencies are recruiting moronic young men raised on neo-conservative propaganda to spy on members of congress.

According to the unsubstantiated claims of one website the congresswoman was at the time investigating money laundering ties of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Hurricane Fund and connections to Jeb Bush and the Madoff ponzi scheme. According to the website the senator is apparently also in possession of "new evidence linking the illegal prosecution of former Louisiana Governor Don Siegelman to former BushFRAUD White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove."

Whatever her investigations, the actions of these young men seem to reveal the absurd neo-conservative climate our intelligence agencies seem to encourage, and the lengths these young disciples will go for their agenda.

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