Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julian Assange demonstration today in London 1330h Westminster Magistrate's Court

From Boing Boing

A group calling itself "Justice for Assange" has called for a public protest at the Westminster Magistrate's Court in London at 1330h, in time for Julian Assange's hearing on the Swedish arrest warrant that may see him extradited.

PROTEST Today Westminster Magistrate's Court meet 13:30

If the corrupt US authorities want you....apparently all countries of the world just role over like little puppets? Is that it Julia Gillard? You are the traitor to the people, the wicked witch of Australia.


  1. I can break US law whenever i am not in the US. So fuck off!

  2. What law did he break anyway? they are arresting him for sex without a condom. sweden, america...the whole world is being run by pathetic evil wankers.