Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm getting sick of the irrational Wikileaks detractors...

Ok, yes it's all a conspiracy to shut down the internet. They want to do that we know. So anything we do, to expose truth, gives them an excuse to shut us down. By this logic, all of us are working for them. Give me a break. But this is the thinking going into a lot of Wikileaks criticism in the alternative news world.

I could be wrong of course, any of us could be, but the more I find out about Wikileaks, the more interesting it gets.

If you want to know the milieu where some of the ideas for Wikileaks originated....perhaps we should do what John Young suggested on Alex Jones today and have a look at the Wikipedia page for Cypherpunks.

It seems like a community of rebellious scientific minds who wanted to use technology and cryptography to defeat unjust authority in different ways.

Is this such a bad thing?

Why is it deserving of attack?

Ask these questions before you join the group screaming conspiracy against Wikileaks.

There are some exciting revelations coming up if John Young is to be believed. Future items which he expects to be released by Wikileaks have to do with everything from The Vatican to Weapons of Mass Destruction and leaks from the Banks.

Do you want to just scream psy-op or maybe see what info is about to come out? It might be interesting.

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