Thursday, December 9, 2010

The government might look at all our emails? They do that already.

A bill to allow the government to spy on emails and social networking websites? This is nonsense. Of course the government already listens in to our phone conversations and looks at our emails already. As for the social networking sites, anyone that has a facebook or other social network page knows that the information on it could be used against them. I can even vouch that Myspace was already used against me personally in one instance.

There is a lot of concern that Wikileaks is the 9/11 of the internet which will be used to create a total clampdown. While I believe there are many who will attempt to use Wikileaks in this fashion, could it be that Wikileaks has beaten them to the punch? If the government were going to organize an internet 9/11, wouldn't they do it in a way that it would be more popular, and choose an "enemy" less popular the Assange? I believe Wikileaks to be a genuine counterstrike against the oligarchical tyranny we now face from our shadowy ruling class. Time will reveal more however, as the battle over free speech continues.

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