Thursday, December 2, 2010

As America Waves The Red, White and Blue, The Police State Sinks It's Teeth In..."Mmm Tender Flesh Of Naive Sheep-like Americans, Yum."

Can't help but have some fun with titles. The subject however is grim. America will be a total police state wasteland, it's just a matter of time. Oh yes, it will be safe my little ones, very safe. (diabolical laughter) Ha Ha Ha Ha....come into the oven my dears. Just this way....Ha Ha will be nice and warm and safe. We will protect you from the evil terror-man. Just do as we tell you children....Ha Ha Ha.

The Secret The TSA Doesn’t Want You To Know

From Prison Planet.

While many Americans think they can skip being sexually molested at the hands of the TSA by avoiding airports, Big Sis has been quietly preparing the groundwork for the total takeover of all public transport and highways by federal government goon squads.

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