Saturday, April 23, 2011

CHAINSAW MASSACRE: U.S. and Nato backed Libyan Rebels Behead Surrendered Gaddafi Troops With Chainsaw. Your tax dollars at work.

Here is a good look up close and personal at our "brothers in arms," the freedom fighters that Mccain, Obama, Kissinger and Sarkozy are supporting. Suddenly Al-Qaeda are our pals now? If this were on CNN on Easter sunday I think many would vomit up their nice dinner, suddenly being forced to see the truth instead of the lie. If we were the good guys, we would be hoping that Gaddafi puts an end to these brutal fanatics. Instead McCain even goes so far as to call them 'heroes.'

What was that someone was saying about an uprising of lawyers, professors and teachers? Lies.

More information about the insanity in Libya can be found here.

Here is another video of Gaddafi troops killed by a French airstrike.

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