Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guantánamo Bay files: Al-Qaida assassin 'worked for MI6'

Of course, they are all pawns for the intelligence agencies...get it? If you don't, I don't care anymore, I've written a zillion articles about it and after 10 years if you haven't figured out the War on Terror is a sham, you probably never will. Of course you could search this website for the Christmas Bomber, the 93 WTC bombing, Newburgh terror cell, TImes Square Bomber or David Headley...that would give you an idea, but probably better you just keep on believing in the government fairy tales, gives you that warm and cozy feeling.

From The Guardian

An al-Qaida operative accused of bombing two Christian churches and a luxury hotel in Pakistan in 2002 was at the same time working for British intelligence, according to secret files on detainees who were shipped to the US military's Guantánamo Bay prison camp.

Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili, an Algerian citizen described as a "facilitator, courier, kidnapper, and assassin for al-Qaida", was detained in Pakistan in 2003 and later sent to Guantánamo Bay.

But according to Hamlili's Guantánamo "assessment" file, one of 759 individual dossiers obtained by the Guardian, US interrogators were convinced that he was simultaneously acting as an informer for British and Canadian intelligence...

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