Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Axis Of Good", UK, US, France and Israel Use Depleted Uranium On Civilians They "Help"

Just like everything else sold to you, it's a sale and nothing more. It's a PR, propaganda OP, a crafted manipulation to achieve whatever they want to achieve. As for really 'helping,' forget about it.

From Prison Planet.

...There are also more reports today of yet another NATO strike from the air killing Libyan civilians.
The Al-Jamahiriya news agency in Libya reports that a number of civilians, including women and children, as well as several police, were killed in an attack on Kikla, 100 kilometers south of the capital Tripoli.
Last week NATO refused to apologise for killing some 15 civilians during an airstrike, despite acknowledging it was to blame for the deaths.
Despite these ongoing aerial bombardments, Britain and France have declared that they are unhappy with the level of NATO activity and have demanded that the bombing be stepped up.
Both the British and the French foreign ministers criticized NATO and called for other alliance countries to intensify their military operations...

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