Sunday, April 24, 2011

Obama on Manning: “He Broke the Law.” So Much for that Trial?

From FDL

President Barack Obama made stunning accusations about accused Wikileaks whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning, directly asserting that Manning “broke the law.” Apparently the President of the United States of America and a self-described Constitutional scholar does not care that Manning has yet to be tried or convicted for any crime...

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Obama the perpetual defender of the corrupt status quo...just oh so comfortable with the greedy pigs wallowing in the mud as the farmer comes around the corner with the hatchet.

Change? Oh yeah baby...change is coming soon. More war, bankruptcies, economic ruin and the dissolving of human rights in an ever darkening corrupt police state.

Does he have any idea? Oh comfortable in the Washington, Pentagon, CIA, Wall Street bubble.

Maybe after he is president he can get a job working for Blackwater, Monsanto or maybe Kissinger will give him a job. FInally he will have escaped those pesky liberals that voted for him.

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