Wednesday, April 13, 2011

United Nations Installs IMF Stooge in Ivory Coast

From Infowars.

Kurt Nimmo
April 13, 2011

It was neo-colonialism in action. Under the cover of humanitarianism, the UN and France invaded the former French colonial possession and arrested Laurent Gbagbo, the country’s elected – although disputed – leader.

The globalists then installed Alassane Ouattara, a western-trained economist (at Drexel Institute of Technology in Pennsylvania) and IMF stooge. He was appointed director of the African Department at the IMF and in May of 1987 became Counsellor to the Managing Director at the globalist loan sharking operation.
In 2000, Ouattara was disqualified by the country’s Supreme Court from an election run due to his Burkina Faso nationality. The Ivory Coast constitution did not allow non-citizens to run for presidency. Ouattara’s supporters took the streets and staged violent protests in retaliation.
Laurent Gbagbo was elected. In 2002, while Gbagbo was out of the country, a military coup was attempted. It was blamed on the former president Robert Guéï. Others blamed Ouattara, however, and the IMF minion sought refuge in the French embassy and his house was burned down.

Elections were scheduled to take place in 2005 but were pushed back five years. After Gbagbo claimed to have won the election in 2010, the UN and various foreign governments insisted he step down and allow the UN employee to assume power. The UN and the French sent troops to help Ouattara get rid of his opponent.
An orchestrated campaign of terror followed. Islamic forces loyal to Ouattara slaughtered a thousand fleeing Christian civilians in Duékoué, hacking them to death with machetes. They also burned villages as they headed for the capital. In addition to wanton murder, Ouattara’s soldiers raped women and girls, according to Human Rights Watch...

...Obama wasted little time. He called Alassane Ouattara and congratulated him for violently taking over the country and discussed the importance of re-establishing globalist trade to help restart Ivory Coast’s economy, according to VOANews, the CIA propaganda front. In other words, the globalists will make sure the Ivory Coast remains a third world hell hole perpetually indebted to the IMF and the banksters.

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