Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fed Shill on Facebook Bashing Silver

I'll skip the comments he makes trying to encourage people NOT to buy silver. Important is to notice here who he works for: The Department of Defense, and the Federal Reserve. I will just quote the one quote which for me was the most intriguingly honest. Go to the link if you want to read his other "assertions."

From Max Keiser.

The prevailing trend in [the U.S dollar] is down. We can see this, this is intentional, the US produces weapons worldwide. We must increase exports. The [U.S. dollar] must be maintained low to ensure arms distribution. Manufacturing in the US is synonymous with weapons production...


  1. though there appear to be ultimately and presently an almost illimitable upside to the dollar evaluations of the COMEX precious metals indices, there have been indications, most notably from the prescient and proven PM prognosticator Martin A. Armstrong in his most recent article "How and When", that a necessary and indeed welcome consolidation/retracement in the metals is possible come June 12/13 if the present bull market is indeed to reach the stratospheric levels that many of the gold commentators are calling for. Any "premature" breaching of the upper limits of the primary channel at $1600 come June would indicate that this bull run has reached a "phase transition" and a possible exhaustion of its extended capacity to reach new levels in at least dollar evaluation. In the giddy exhilaration that seems to intensify with each new PM market height, many simply chase price and fail to realize that the extent and strength of a bull market is dependent upon cyclic consolidation which after all is a time to buyout lower levels and replenish one's resources. All this being said, and not attempting in any way to justify the investment strategies of this "shill", it is simple common sense investment strategy to anticipate the technical retracements and consolidate ones positions as price falls, rather than chasing price on the way up as so many are now doing. just sayin'. cheers.

  2. a correction will come...but right now? im not sure. in any case trying to trade a long term bull market is difficult....when will the correction come? april? may? june? in any case long term the biggest danger is the "money in the bank." i.e. the u.s. dollar.

  3. that cannot be argued. too bad it's so impractical and dangerous to store fuel, the one essential commodity that is set to clean us all out.