Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wikileaks: Vladimir Putin warns USA to stay out of Russian internal affairs

Oh not so a nothing these little cables are. By the way Gates you moron, you're description of Russia as "no longer a democracy" and "run by the security services." Hey...does that remind you of something? Like maybe the current form of the USA which you helped set up you traitor?

From The Telegraph.

A US diplomat's description of him as 'Batman' and Mr Medvedev as 'Robin' clearly meant to infer that Mr Putin is the more powerful half of Russia's ruling tandem obviously rankled in particular.
"(This was) aimed at slandering one of us," Mr Putin said without humour.
"This is about our interaction which is an important factor for domestic politics. To be honest with you, we did not suspect that this (criticism) could be made with such arrogance with such rudeness, and you know, so unethically."
Though he insisted it was not a threat, Mr Putin reinforced a warning from Mr Medvedev on Tuesday that the West should be sure to treat Russia as an equal partner when it came to designing and operating a new missile defence shield...

The strongest US criticism came from Mr Gates, who told a French colleague that "Russian democracy has disappeared" and that the country had become "an oligarchy run by the security services."

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