Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wikileaks Cable: Australia's Rudd Criticized by US Diplomats as "Control Freak"

Think of the arrogance in the quote below. The US diplomat believes that Australians don't have the ability to rule themselves. And the US government's foreign policy is right on target isn't it? Without any blunders? The US government are a bunch of arrogant pricks.

From The Herald Sun.

"Rudd undoubtedly believes that with his intellect, his six years as a diplomat in the 1980s and his five years as shadow foreign minister, he has the background and the ability to direct Australia's foreign policy," the embassy observed in November last year.

Well who the hell else should direct it?

"His performance so far, however, demonstrates that he does not have the staff or the experience to do the job properly."

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