Thursday, December 9, 2010

TSA Subjects Indian Ambassador To Glass Cage, Enhanced Groping

From Prison Planet.

Indian Embassy describes incident as “unacceptable”

Steve Watson
Thursday, Dec 9th, 2010
The Indian embassy in Washington is to issue a formal complaint to the US State Department following the treatment of a leading Indian Diplomat at the hands of the TSA.
Indian Ambassador to the United States, Meera Shankar (pictured above with the president) was pulled out of a security line at Jackson-Evers International Airport in Mississippi, taken into what has become known as a TSA “glass cage”, and forced to undergo an enhanced pat-down in full public view.
It is believed that the TSA operatives flagged Ms. Shankar not because she set of the metal detector, but because she was wearing a sari, a long traditional Indian robe.
Despite making it known that she was an international diplomat and asking for the search to be conducted in private, the TSA led her into a glass box where not one but two agents proceeded to conduct what has been described by thousands of travelers as nothing less than groping akin to foreplay or sexual molestation.
The Ambassador was about to board a flight to Baltimore after attending an event at Mississippi State University.
“She is a very strong woman, but you could see in her face that she was humiliated,” Tan Tsai, a research associate at MSU’s International Security Studies center who witnessed the screening, told The Clarion-Ledger. “The Indian culture is very modest.”
“The way they pat them down, it was so humiliating,” Tsai added, “Anybody who passed by could see it.”
Janos Radvanyi, Chair of the MSU’s International Studies Department was quoted as saying, “She said, ‘I will never come back here.’ We are sending her a letter of apology,”

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