Sunday, December 5, 2010

Researcher for Liberal Dem Accused of Being Russian Spy, Given Deportation Order

If you don't like the politics of someone working in the House of Commons, what do you do? Deport them out of the country. LOL. Our lovely democracies of the west. MI5 claims that Kati Zatuliveter is a russian spy. The only evidence given in this article is that she wrote a paper accusing Nato and Georgia of starting the Georgian War. This is a position also held by Pat Buchanan (as well as myself). Is Pat Buchanan then also in all likelihood a russian spy who deserves deportation?

From The Telegraph

Katia Zatuliveter, a researcher for an MP on the influential defence select committee, is to be expelled from Britain after being questioned on suspicion of espionage by security services.
Mr Hancock has recently asked sensitive questions in Parliament about the quantities of radioactive materials held by the country and the future of its nuclear deterrent.
Miss Zatuliveter has also worked for a defence think-tank and written articles that criticised Nato while defending military action by Russia.

However Mr Hancock, the Lib Dem member for Portsmouth South, denied she was a sleeper agent for Moscow and insisted the authorities had never raised their concerns with him.

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