Saturday, December 4, 2010

“In the United States of America there is a hidden government about which you know nothing.”

We all know that the mainstream media to a large extent just feeds us propagandistic dribble like mindless robots and that both U.S. political parties are almost entirely just puppets of slightly different shades of the same power base.

But could one examine this farther and find that a shadow government (or even groups of forces) underlies this illusion of freedom and democracy which so many Americans still apparently believe in? Is the US under the control of a shadow government basing its power on state of emergency or Continuity of Goverment (COG) plans?

Remember in connection also what Julian Assange mentioned, that freedom is just an illusion, when that freedom is inneffectual...i.e. presents no resistance to the powers that be. Here is his quote: is easy for speech to be "free" because a change in political will rarely leads to any change in these basic instruments. Western speech, as something that rarely has any effect on power, is, like badgers and birds, free.

Peter Dale Scott describes in the linked article quoted from below, the lingering uncertainty over who is actually running the show...

From Japanfocus. and 9/11 Blogger.

...One Congressman explained to a constituent that the provisions of the National Emergencies Act have now been rendered inoperative by COG. If true, this would indicate that the constitutional system of checks and balances no longer applies, and also that secret decrees now override public legislation as the law of the land.

With a few notable exceptions, there has thus far been scant interest in the media and the public in the extraordinary facts that Cheney and Rumsfeld were able to

1) help plan successfully for constitutional modifications, when not in government, and

2) implement these same changes themselves when back in power.
The first of these facts gives us a glimpse of an on-going power realm independent of the publicly acknowledged state. In the words of James Mann, “Cheney and Rumsfeld were, in a sense, a part of the permanent, though hidden, national security apparatus of the United States, inhabitants of a world in which Presidents come and go, but America always keeps on fighting.”50 A CNN Special Assignment assessment of the COG planners was even more dramatic: “In the United States of America there is a hidden government about which you know nothing.”51

What is the first step out of this current state of affairs, in which the constitution appears to have been superseded by a higher, if less legitimate authority? I submit that it is to get Congress to do what the law requires, and determine whether our present proclamation of emergency “shall be terminated” (50 U.S.C. 1622, 2002).

As part of this procedure, Congress should find whether secret COG powers, never submitted to Congress or seen by it, are among “the powers and authorities” which Bush in 2007 included in his prolongation of the 2001 emergency and which are maintained today under Obama.

This is not a technical or procedural detail. It is a test of whether the United States is presently governed by its laws and constitution, or whether, as has been alleged, the laws and constitution have now in places been superseded by COG.

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