Wednesday, May 5, 2010

U.S. Border Guards Are Gods. You Must Obey Every Order According To Video

Watch how these people are harassed in this video. American nut job border guards, "protecting us" from the evil "terrorists."

They even say at the end if you "pull away" from the officers, that is assault.

They are here, to "protect" us. uh huh. Yes sir, officer! Whatever you say, sir!

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  1. the brave new world order is all here in a nutshell: coercion, intimidation, fear, and blind submission enforced by a cadre of sadistic thugs. The basic psychological profile of the emotionally stunted and sexually repressed individual who gains satisfaction from the infliction of pain is on full display here. Unfortunately there is plenty of preferential opportunity for employment in any one of a number of state and military agencies for the legions of pathological personalities who inhabit the land of the free.