Saturday, May 29, 2010

There's A Larger Leak Then The One We Are Shown. Simmons Says Nuke It.

I've had a strange feeling for the last week that this is all some kind of strange manipulated puppet show. First there was the mention of Haliburton working on the well before it exploded and the possibility of foul play. Secondly, I keep reading comments from people who say they are in the oil business and know that the BP attempts are futile. But nonetheless our media keeps presenting their "Top Kill" and other bogus measures to get our hope up that they actually can stop this. Why?
Now talk about other leaks which are bigger, and the use of nuclear weapons to stop it. Seems like a good idea at this point, but are we witnessing just the incredible ineptitude of our age, or something else. On top of it all, is not also the symmetrical quality of this apparent? Now Obama has his Katrina, and with a wierd feeling of Deja-vu we can all watch HIM now giving press conferences with Coast Guard leaders in the Gulf reassuring a country convinced of his ineptitude.


  1. what's up george? you've really been jammin' here whith some great heads up stuff. You know we here in America wouldn't know we were in WW IV(which we probably are) unless the bombs were raining on our heads. the M(ia)SM house of mirrors that is foisted off on the plebes is such a fiatsco that it gives even MAYA a bad name. If ever anyone needed proof that the world is illusion look no further.

    This petro-cataclysmis is precisely THE EVENT that the petrified massa damnata has been swooning for. While everyone was looking around waiting some false flag terror attack, (now wait a you think?) we just had an "accident", a little "spill". Well it seems pretty likely to me that this latest catastrophe is evolving into the 2010 version of the 2001/ 9/11

    Everybody thinks that David Booth/Sorch Faal is spinning some Marvel Comic Book fantasy with the Korean mini-sub story. Yet on that site was the first suggestion of a covert design to use a nuclear device to seal the petrovolcano. And unless I am mistaken, this is the first time an offshore oil rig has exploded and sank to the bottom. Once again the "official story" doesn't add up. I think we can at the least be assured that some kind of hostile attack or sabotage caused this monstrous event.

  2. what will this accomplish though. no war. maybe an end to some kinds of offshore drilling, better safety standards....what is the motive? more oil dependency?

  3. I really don't pretend to know what is going on here, but my guess is that the grand master plan for NWO domination might be spinning somewhat out of control as it reaches end game. The architects of chaos have devised and unveiled hurried and extraordinary new plans in expectation of the long awaited denouément to their "great game". Critical to this is the growing awareness of increasing numbers of people of

    The elite timeline seems to have been significantly altered, perhaps put into high gear. There seems to be a certain desperation in the otherwise decades long and methodical planning which otherwise characterizes the aims and purposes of these conspiratorial cabals indicating the time has finally come for the final implementation of the "final solution".

    Think of the "phase transition" wherein water is heated for a long period before it reaches the boiling point and is transformed into a gas. Our world as we know it seems to be at this most critical point of inflection.

    Speaking of water, have you noticed how all of these latest crises have a maritime significance: the sinking of the South Korean vessel, the massive oceanic posoning of Deepwater Horizon disaster and now the horrendous attack on the humanitarian flotilla bound for Gaza? The archetypal psychological implications of the endless sea which touches all shores suggests a certain boundlessness to the evolving menace, drawing all nations into the vortex of the cataclysm, much as the economic maelstrom is inundating the sovereign nations one after another.

    Apologies for the abstruse and rambling speculations. Mea culpa.

  4. well it is suspicious yard. i find it suspicious that they keep teasing us with solutions that many say have zero probablity of working.