Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pro-Endless War, Pro-Orwell Dems Want Everyone Fingerprinted As' Solution' For Immigration Problem

Oh so nice of them to sneak in a little loving caring ID card with fingerprints for everyone. I'm so sure nice people like Soros and Bill Gates are so happy that in the future everyone will be so lovingly fingerprinted. Oh yes, immigration, wasn't that the issue people were concerned about? Doesn't matter does it, what the concerns of the peasant sheep are? Just sneak in your own agenda. The conniving 'New Labor' of America.

What's worse? The corrupt cowboys of death, crime and destruction on the so-called 'right'? Or the corrupted orwellian control freaks on the so-called 'left?' In the end they seem to work so nicely together. What a wonderful marriage.

Here's the article on PrisonPlanet.

Don't worry little peasants, the new biometric ID card will be called the "Believe System." Don't worry children, you just gotta believe! We will do what's best for you. Now go suck on this medication and watch this TV show as we send your real children to kill in Central Asia. Have a nice day.

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