Saturday, May 15, 2010

Polanski Accuser Trivia Gives Context To Allegations

In an article on CNN, a British actress "says she was sexually abused by Roman Polanski when she was 16, after she was cast in a Polanski film in Paris, France."

This seems to add some new evidence to the witch hunt the LA district attorney has against the filmmaker whose most recent film, The Ghostwriter, concerns an ex-British Prime Minister resembling Tony Blair who is revealed to work for the CIA. Polanski is being hunted down by the LA District Attorney for a 30 year old case also involving a young girl. The victim wishes the case dropped, but the LA district attorney has other ideas.

However, an online encyclopedia gives "trivia" details about Polanski's new accuser which put her allegations in a curious context. *When she was 14 years old, she went out with a publisher, telling him she was 18" according to the website. She also according to the encyclopedia "agreed to $8,000 to have sex with an arab man, but instead took the money and ran away."

Curiously, the actress appeared in one of Polanski's movies years AFTER the incident which she described as abuse "in the worst possible way."

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