Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloomberg Article Open About Blatant Collusion Of Congress And Wall Street

Yes, we all know power corrupts and the U.S. Congress is owned by Wall Street, but reading this article in Bloomberg, it is at least remarkable how open the writers are about the apparent collusion of Wall Street and the Congress to eliminate any provisions in legislation which Wall Street might not like. They are like team members who are both under stress from their attackers, "the public", who must now be conned into thinking something is being done, when in reality nothing is being done. It's the same old story, but it is one that seems to be becoming even more relevant. Faking an anti-establishment change, when in reality if anything a consolidation of power by the establishment is underway.

See in the following passages how the only reason lawmakers seem to have for getting tough with Wall Street in any way is to appease "voter sentiment."
I guess if they had things THEIR way, Wall Street would BE the government. In other words, exactly what we have now just without the phony pandering to pretend they are doing what we want them to.

Lawmakers have been telling Wall Street the Senate provision would fail, “but it passed, so people are nervous,” said Paul Miller, analyst at FBR Capital Markets in Arlington, Virginia. “The problem is that everybody in Congress wants it out, but nobody wants the responsibility of taking it out.”....(or on the issue of Blanche Lincoln) “The conventional wisdom has been that if she gets the nomination, she has the political room to drop the provision, but as long as she’s running for re-election she’s going to want to continue to take a tough-on-banks stance...

It's all just a show...

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