Friday, January 29, 2010

Haskell's Account of 'Mysterious Indian' Helping Underwear Bomber Get On Flight Confirmed by Authorities

It's hard to find...but buried in this ABC News article is a confirmation by the authorities of Kurt Haskell's original claim that a mysterious 'Indian' helped the 'underwear bomber' board the Detroit flight and get through security without a passport by passing him off as a Sudanese refugee. The passport issue isn't mentioned but a 'man' who "helped Abdulmutallab change planes."

If someone from the inside is helping a terrorist get through security, as this now looks, you can have all the body scanners and security you want, he is going to get through.

More Indians and strange events observed by the Haskells on the Detroit flight were described also in this previous post.

A possible reason why 'Indians' might be involved can be found in this article which explains India's (as well as U.S.) geopolitical interest in Yemen. The Christmas Bomber has been used in the media and by politicians to validate new military aid to Yemen.

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