Tuesday, January 12, 2010

See the News Americans Are Not Supposed to See.

Just to demonstrate how much our news is filtered, I will give you two small examples where Europeans are being allowed to find out about things which the media in America will not allow to come out. The first is dramatic, but the second is even worse. If things continue, eventually you will have people in Europe believing a completely different reality then what people believe in America.

Example 1.

Here is an example of an article and below it a video clip of a news program from Channel 4 News in the UK about the recent revelations that swine flu is really a profit making scam. You won't find this kind of coverage on CNN, at least if they can avoid it. It's like expecting a wolf to warn you first that it wants to eat you, before it does.

Example 2.

This one is really alarming because of what it suggests. An international scientific report was done on WTC dust and found residue of military explosives in the dust. Obviously if this is true, and I have seen nothing to prove that it isn't, it should be shouted from the mountaintops as it would change 100%, and overnight, the actions we are taking as a nation. Of course you won't see this on CNN. You won't read about it in The New York TImes either, at least for a while yet. Maybe you don't want to see this, but here it is on the evening news in Denmark.

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