Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sharp Dressed Man (and his friend the underwear bomber)

Ok, maybe you believe we are in danger from all those angry crazies out there. Afterall, they are upset about our freedoms, they don't have a girlfriend and they might bring a plane down with you on it. True. They also might have a better chance if a "sharp dressed man" helps them.

or if you find UK news more appealing...

Of course this witness must be mistaken right? Otherwise that means someone was helping this guy on a terror watch list get on a plane without a passport, obviously someone who COULD help someone get on an international flight without a passport. Not something your average angry islamo-fascist can do, right? Even if he did just buy some rad clothes.

7:09 PM, UPDATE:

This has now been taken up by some more main stream media sources and the witness has been interviewed here:

and here:

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