Sunday, January 10, 2010

CIA, XE, the 'Shadow Warriors' and their Zombie Lovebuddies

I am going to turn attention away from the Underwear Bomber for a second to settle a score that needs desperately to be settled. I keep running in to writers trying to defend the CIA these days. I was trying to read of all things, an apocalyptic zombie novel, when I came to the author suddenly defending the CIA on page 46. I couldn't bring myself to read anymore of it. But moving on quickly from talentless zombie novels to something much more important. I went to the newstand today and since it was Sunday, I had a choice of two lousy newspapers, one The New York TImes, miserably overpriced at 5 dollars, and the other The Daily News for $1.25. I chose the Daily News. I was reading the Daily News and came across an article saying bluntly in the headline "Honor America's shadow warriors." The article goes on to rebuke a hostile attitude towards the CIA, eventhough it mentions that the "CIA officers lost in the Chapman bombing have received atypically positive covereage." He is refering to the apparent recent killing of CIA agents and XE Services(formerly called Blackwater) officers by a double agent from Jordan at Forward Opereating Base Chapman in Afganistan on December 30th. Firstly Blackwater, as the name poetically implies, is a dark organization of mercenaries used by the CIA for security, or even as a paramilitary force or assasination squad, and they have a reputation of lawlessly killing civilians. Let's hope they are never deployed in great number in the U.S. According to the Daily News I am supposed to "honor" these "shadow warriors." Also in a small inset is shown the deaths of CIA agents over the years, the sum total of which according to the inset doesn't get above 100. That's not to say that isn't still alot but when compared to the roughly 6 million killed in secret wars funded or organized by the CIA, I lose the ability to shed tears.

Here is a good list of CIA evil deeds. Sadly the author of the list himself, Steve Kangas, was found dead in the 39th floor bathroom immediately outside of the offices of a right wing financier who worked with the CIA who he was investigating. I wonder if the Daily News will publish an article telling us to honor him?

Nevermind....check out this list and you will find it hard to find something to "honor" on this list of CIA accomplishments.

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