Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evidence Deliberately Withheld?

Come, come...that's no way to fight a war. We can't have this talk about our security agencies this way, as if they would deliberately endanger the country they are supposed to protect. How will this unpatriotic talk help us invade new countries and steal resources and prop up dictators and increase defence spending and help our neocon defence conglomerates and consulting firms? We can't have this kind of investigation! What will great heroes like Lieberman and Cheney say to that, so unmarred by any speculation of wrongdoing, so pure in the soul and in the mind! No No, how dare these wobbly knee liberals talk of corruption at a time like this, when we should be throwing money at new defence investments and making a big splash of it, this is a war after all. A WAR!!!!

Well, if that isn't how you feel, you might want to look at this clip where towards the end Olbermann's guest suggests there could have been a deliberate witholding of information in the christmas bomber case. Now why would anyone think that? Just because his father was trying to warn the security services, doesn't mean anything does it? I mean they can't be expected to react to a real threat can they?

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