Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sharp Dressed 'Indian', Additional Indian Handcuffed at Customs Says Kurt Haskell

Kurt and Lori Haskell, the witnesses of the sharp dressed man who helped the recent underwear bomber through security have been doing now countless interviews. More details emerge such as the detail that the sharp dressed man appeared to be an Indian man. Also another witness reports on a cnn clip that the whole incident was strangely videotaped by someone aboard the plane. One thing which however seems to be left out of some of the mainstream media coverage is an incident Mr. Haskell reports that happened in customs after the plane landed where a second Indian man from the flight was taken into an interrogation room after a bomb sniffing dog didn't like his carry on bag. The Indian man was later handcuffed and taken away. Instead of reporting important details like this, which might lead us to the real culprits, sadly but not surprisingly many corporate news outlets are instead seeing only a green light for new military attack plans and added airport security measures.

I'll tell you a security measure that needs to be implemented immeadiately. FINDING THOSE WHO ARE REALLY RESPONSIBLE!...that would be the way you could insure safety as opposed to using this new incident as a political football. Of course...if the whole incident was designed as a political football, it's not hard to understand if those responsible remain hidden. Bring on the body scanners, shock bracelets, yemen drone attacks and bombing runs, and landing hour restrictions. Just don't explain who got this guy through security without a passport. Wouldn't fit the agenda would it?

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