Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama Information Czar Sunstein Sees a Place for Government Ban of Conspiracy Theories.

Cass Sunstein, and he does have a sunny smile, states on page 14 of his research paper entitled "Conspiracy Theories" that a government ban of conspiracy theories "...will have a place under imaginable conditions." The paper is easily downloadable to anyone and openly states that clamping down on free speech, or speech critical of the government or its corporate partners is foreseeable. I guess he truly is a Czar, and we the peasants dare not have opinions which question 'their information.'

He opens his paper with polls showing that literally half of New Yorkers and a third of U.S. citizens believe that 9/11 was in some way an 'inside job' or involved some elements of the U.S. government having foreknowledge or aiding the terrorists. So Sunstein in his boldness imagines these opinions can be banned? What a horrible place this country might be becoming, where the population has not even the right to question their own government and their official stories?
As if people in power never conspire to control events? Are these people insane or do they just think we are stupid and helpless? I think probably the second of the two.

One day, just blogging about what you believe to be true might be illegal in the USA, if Mr. Sunstein gets his way.

That's not all, in fact most of the paper is about something called "Cognitive Inflitration." On page 22 of his amazing paper he discusses the usefulness of having government agents either impersonating anonymous users of chatrooms and message boards or even taking on "false identities" in an effort to "undermine percolating conspiracy theories." Wow. I get it. Not just banning conspiracy theories is a good idea, but also conspiring to undermine their belief. In other words, create a new (and very real) conspiracy of the government to persuade people that conspiracies are false. Haven't we had enough with the government meddling in what we believe through the pentagon control of so called "independent military experts" to present the government military position on mainstream news programming? Or even Operation Mockingbird a long lasting CIA operation to infiltrate the media? Oh sorry Mr. Sunstein, I guess it's illegal to talk about THAT it's a CONSPIRACY, RIGHT?

What this all represents is that the government has realized it is losing the opinion battle with a public armed with facts and information taken from uncontrolled sources on the internet. Mr. Sunstein is desperately trying to give the government the chance to be able to control public opinion again, and Obama apparently likes that idea. Boy for some must those tears of joy on his inauguration now burn with the realization that Obama and his team of establishment power dorks in every possible way aspire to continue the destructive top down manipulation the previous republican administration was known for.

By the way, here is a link for the zogby poll stating that half of New Yorkers believed in 2004 that some elements in government had foreknowledge of 9/11 and purposefully did nothing to stop it. 66% also wanted a new probe. That's a clear majority calling for a new probe, but you can be sure there hasn't been one. I guess those 66% should be outright banned from even daring to think their government might not be just angels from heaven.

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